In our business, we sit at the intersection of creativity and technology, of strategy and support. Each member of our team has something in which they specialize and excel. Whether they are part of creative services, proficient in production, a sales & marketing strategist, financial analyst, AV hardware engineer, graphic designer, dynamic developer, or quality assurance technician … our team seamlessly blends to offer integration and imagination for each project we produce. And always...Visitors are at the Heart of everything we do. 

Bob Noll - CEO

Starting this business 28 years ago, Bob has transformed BPI from a video and post-production company into an interactive, multimedia, and experiential design firm. As one of our local Emerson graduates, Bob’s roots are in storytelling, filmmaking, and performing arts. This background has given him a keen sense for directing talent, the knack for engaging clients with intrigue and agility, and the ability to approach every project with creative purpose. Bob has lent his inventive vision to all of our award-winning experiences. Whether in the office or on the road, Bob’s imaginative force drives our business, touching everything that we do.

Janel Cunneen - Head of Operations

Janel comes to BPI with over twenty years of diverse experience that includes work in advertising, broadcast television, digital marketing, communication strategy, and operations. She recently served as a senior vice president and chief operating officer at Prospector Productions, where she executed large broadcast television projects. Her work has been developed for companies like the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, and Disney. She supervised production of the PBS  films Raising Cain," "A Girl's Life," and "World in the Balance" for Nova. At BPI she works closely with our project managers and department directors.

Mark Dorgan - Creative Director

For many years, Mark has been an imaginative and creative presence at BPI. Through decades of experience, he has managed to seamlessly balance first-rate client relations, with excellence in writing, designing, and producing. Along with a mind for all things creative, Mark also brings an inner focus and attention to detail that has guided many successful projects, such as the College Basketball Experience, the Hershey Story, and BPI’s first 4D theater for the New York Power Authority. His vision helps him hone in on the prominent message of an interactive, as he works to make every experience customized for both clients and visitors alike.

Candy Moulton - Executive Producer/Director of Business Development

For 20 years, Candy has been a constant in our business while seldom leaving the comforts of her western ranch. Based in Wyoming, Candy has balanced roles of business development, producer, writer, and project manager on western projects like In Pursuit of a Dream, Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, and Flint Hills Discovery Center. Where Candy really excels is being able to connect with clients both personally and professionally, gaining an understanding of their needs. 

Deb Noll - Executive VP of Client Services 

Combining her roles of BPI co-owner and head of client services, Deb is the ambassador of both positive customer and internal relations. Her enthusiasm and grace equip her with the interpersonal skills to flourish in this area. As one of our many Emerson graduates, Deb has worked in the production field for over 30 years, giving her the ability to understand the evolution of our business. Piloting our Service and Maintenance program, Deb ensures that we hear from each and every client, not only to investigate system issues and expedite service, but also keep in constant contact to consistently improve what we do.

Dana Stone Denise - Financial Manager

Dana brings her unique talents to BPI in the role of Finance Manager. Over a 30-year career, Dana has worked in retail and restaurant establishments, for Internet startups, non-profit fundraising, healthcare, and private aviation with responsibilities for financial management, human resources, facilities, and event management. Dana has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a Master of Management degree from Cambridge College. She is known for her hands-on approach and will work closely with our project managers and team to ensure our financial planning and management optimizes our performance results.

Mike Rafferty - Director of Post Production

As our longest-running employee, Mike has seen the evolution of BPI from a modest production company, into an interactive design business. Starting as an assistant editor while enrolled at Northeastern, Mike has transitioned into a significant member of our post-production team. Now with over 18 years of experience at BPI, Mike has excelled not only in editing, but also in compositing, motion graphics, visual FX, audio engineering, sound design, and mixing. Mike’s greatest strength is his ability to adapt his style to an individual project’s needs; from sign-language tutorials, to Girl Scout webisodes, to historical documentaries. 

Eissa Jamil - Director of Interactive Development

Eissa owned and operated Edge Technovations LLC, a company in Los Angeles specializing in Software & Technology Development and Consulting before relocating to New England to join the BPI team. His past experience includes working with a wide array of clients, including Walt Disney Imagineering, Carnival Cruises, and Ommo Technologies. In addition to running his own business, Eissa also taught at the Art Institute of California. At BPI he focuses on client expectations as he manages a variety of projects and directs our development team. 

Megan Reilly - Director of Project Management

Megan joins the BPI team as Director of Project Management with more than 25 years’ experience in broadcast and multimedia creation. Previously, Megan was the Creative Principal & CFO of Prospector Productions, where she oversaw finance, lead the business development of the company, coordinated with TV networks, supervised production and post production, directed and managed talent, and implemented network notes .Megan has produced, directed and written for the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, PBS, Animal Planet, A&E and ABC News Productions. Her multimedia projects have appeared in the Lowell, Massachusetts Boott Mill Museum, Boston Science Museum, and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

Jay Locke - Project Manager

Jay Locke brings his experience as an independent producer to BPI and lends his skills in writing, producing and editing, making him a triple-threat as a project manager. Jay edited our award winning film “In Pursuit of a Dream” and developed an exhibit for the Philadelphia Zoo. He is is presently working on projects for The Elephant Sanctuary, the G. A. Ball house, and a corporate job in Louisiana. He is equally comfortable behind the camera doing field production or working in the editing room. 

Daniel Smith - Project Coordinator

With a blended background in museum studies and exhibit development, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Project Coordinator. For over 12 years, Dan worked at Boston’s iconic Museum of Science, undertaking development of the museum’s first collections disaster plan. In addition, Dan was integral in expanding the museum’s collection, by planning eight permanent and traveling exhibits. At BPI, Dan is managing some of our complex projects taking on tasks such as research, rights management, film production, and interactive development. Dan is able to easily distill his knowledge to the team, helping to create guest-centered content that is accessible, educational, and engaging.

Jim McCabe - Director of Client Support

Located in the northwest state of Washington, Jim managed an interpretive venue before joining BPI. As a previous Lockheed Martin software engineer for more than 15 years, Jim is versed in implementing and supporting technical systems, strategizing solutions, and deploying repairs. This background has given him the ability to analyze both interactive software and hardware design, as well as implement solid resolutions. Overseeing all BPI technical support, Jim works closely with our internal teams and clients to identify and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and quickly works to get systems back up and running.

Mike Miller - Senior QA Technician

Leading our quality assurance enterprise, Mike acts as our interactive investigator. Working on computer configurations and creating test plans with an exploratory approach, he is able to dissect an interactive into small, significant pieces, allowing him to examine individual paths that present software bugs. QA isn’t his only duty here, with education in new media, computer animation, and 3D animation, Mike also takes on graphic animation projects. For the Connecticut Science Center’s driving simulation game Mike built an engaging 3D environment of the city of Hartford, allowing visitors to hop into the seat of a large-scale car model, and safely cruise the streets.

Robert Ortiz - Interactive Developer

Robert comes to the BPI team from Las Vegas where he developed casino games that met the requirements of the Nevada Gaming Board of casino gaming. Among his projects he developed games requiring a combination of touch screen and controller use in order to challenge players. He works in a number of tools and frameworks including Unity 2D and Unity 3D. He programs in C++, C#, HTML5 and CSS and has developed both AI and VR applications. Robert is also fluent in English, Spanish and speaks some Italian and Japanese. 

Madeline Violette - Interactive Developer

Utilizing her passions for interactive media and tackling unique problems, Madeline joins the BPI team as an Interactive Developer. While studying at Champlain College, she had a knack for working with any mediums she could. After graduating, she helped found two separate companies, one dedicated to VR design and the other to helping clients with her varied development skills. She’s developed using tools from Arduino audio sensors, the Wii Fit balance board, the Google Daydream, and she even built a water spraying mechanism for an immersive VR water park ride.

Bob Field - Senior Writer

Bob Field has an outstanding background in military and US history that he brings to every project he works on for BPI. Bob’s extensive experience in both writing and researching linear film and interactive multimedia projects makes him one of our most valued associates. Some of his projects include work on the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum in Abilene, KS, the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas, and the American Battle Monuments Commission Cemeteries at Flanders Field and the Meuse-Argonne.