EdVenture Children's Museum       

Columbia, SC

BPI redesigned the "Dalmation Station" experience for long-time clients EdVenture. Climb on inside the fire truck and rush down the streets of Columbia, South Carolina, learn more about different fire-based careers, and even learn fire safety at the fast-paced “Escape Artist” interactive!


Escape Artist

Projected on a colorful 3D set, this playful immersive presentation merges real furniture and appliances with virtual live-action characters and show-controlled mechanical props, all within a vibrant household environment that combines a cartoon-like aesthetic with theatrical sensibilities.

Fire Truck

The experience peaks as the local fire department arrives to extinguish a flaming sofa, and douses the audience with water at the same time. When the firefighter turns the hose toward the audience, an overhead sprinkler system sprays the unsuspecting visitors with water. At the end of the program, the characters in the show initiate a practice fire drill, as all the kids in the audience crawl on their hands and knees to stay below the virtual “smoke” while they exit the theater.

We have taken our grandchildren to EdVenture twice and they have been thrilled each time. Lots of hands on learning/experiences for young and old alike. Very creative place to spend some quality time.

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