National Museum of the Pacific War     

Fredericksburg, TX

The 43,000 square foot expansion of the National Museum of the Pacific War is a media-rich exploration through the frontlines and home front, as well as the political tactics and military strategies of World War II. BPI developed and produced several signature presentations that bring stories from the Pacific War to life through archival video, dimensional animation, layered sound, and interactive media.



Immersive Environments

The exhibit features the Pilot House from the USS Denver and the CIC (Combat Information Center) from the USS Hadley. These mys- terious instrument rooms come to life with authentic dialogue, intense sound effects, lighting and video. Extensive research and interviews with veterans were gathered to recreate accurate dialogue. Visitors of all ages are swept away by dramatic and emotionally stirring media exhibits that put a human face on the Pacific War.

Immersive Environments

BPI produced a dynamic three-screen presen- tation that depicts the events of the brutal, yet pivotal, battle of Midway. Show-controlled lighting effects and an original music score intensify this dramatic story. To interpret the raging battle of Tarawa, BPI developed a lay- ered soundscape of the amphibious landing that captures the chaos of war and allows the visitor to enter the scene.

This is a wonderfully interactive museum with great static displays as well as an impressive combat simulation of the Pacific theater during WWII. It takes you from the issues that caused the Japanese to attack through the aftermath of the Atomic bomb and surrender. It keeps adults and children occupied with displays that interest all ages.  It is one o the best museums I have visited in years.

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